What is Wrought Iron?

What is Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron stands as a testament to craftsmanship and durability, embodying a timeless allure in its intricate designs and robust composition. Unlike its counterparts, cast iron and steel, wrought iron boasts a distinct charm and resilience that have made it a cherished material throughout history.

Wrought iron is an alloy of Iron with a low carbon content  > 0.08 %  and cast iron  has > 2.6 %  It is a smelted  mass of iron which can be bent , forged and drawn to our needs.

Wrought iron is almost pure iron whereas steel contains 0.15%-0.25% of carbon. Wrought iron is a ductile material and resistant to corrosion whereas steel has more strength due to the more percent of carbon.

What is the difference between Steel and wrought Iron?

What is Wrought Iron

Steel having more carbon content is more tough and cannot be bent easily. Thus the designs expected in your Wrought iron Safety door, Wrought Iron gate , Wrought iron staircase railings cannot be delivered, Secondly steel is more costlier . Railings made in steel / stainless steel lose their grace in a few years but the Art of wrought iron stays for centuries. No wonder visitors in Europe click almost all their photographs with an wrought iron element in the background, be it a Wrought iron Bracket, Wrought Iron lamp holder, Wrought Iron railing or a Wrought Iron gate.

What is more durable, Cast Iron, Steel or Wrought Iron?

Cast iron and steel though technically more durable, but cast iron is brittle and cannot withstand a heavy force or impact. For example if a truck entering the premises dashed upon a cast iron gate, the chances are that the gate might crack or break. So due to the greater carbon content weld ability is much less and the entire gate renders useless. It’s always a better option to install a wrought iron gate or a railing which will withstand the impact and though damage can be repaired and repainted on site.

What is more costlier Cast iron or Wrought Iron ?

Per unit price of cast iron is usually less but unit weight per square foot is more than wrought Iron. So usually the decision maker is confused. We at Wrought Iron World, upon consultation can explain to you the differences and help you in deciding the perfect option. Wrought iron will usually cost you less and can be delivered in astonishing designs customized to suit your sites glamour and grace.

What is more corrosive: Cast iron, steel or wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is more corrosive, but when in a raw state. As you may understand that the end product is always coated with anti corrosive paints and especially at the Wrought Iron World we have a state-of – the –art powder coating plant and all your products are duly Powder Coated in colour of your / Architects choice. Gates / Doors / Grills delivered in 1996 are still visible in the same grace and grandeur notwithstanding rain, sun and winds for years!!!

What is more tough: Steel or Wrought  Iron?

All our wrought iron doors and window frames are wrought from a very heavy fourteen gauge wrought iron.Stainless steel due to its high unit cost is always done in thinner material

What is fourteen gauge wrought iron?

A fourteen gauge thick material means it is thicker than the regular 18 gauge material. That is 0.781 inches compared to 18 gauge wrought iron, which is 0.05 inches thick, and weighs less per square foot.
This means that a 14 gauge wrought iron door of any size is 28.6% heavier and 29% thicker than a similar 18 gauge wrought iron door. A 14 gauge door is a much stronger wrought iron door and much less susceptible to damage, or the effects of weather.

All that is Powder coated is not Wrought Iron : Don’t get  cheated by dubious suppliers …!! Call and rely on us for Authentic Wrought Iron.

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