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You are welcome at our factory premises to see ongoing work . But in busy times you can arrange meetings with your Architects / Interior Designers at site or at their office and we would be pleased to be with our catalogs. We also insist to visit and see the site in detail before the discussions so that we can give proper suggestions.

Yes site visit charges apply for outstation consultancy, Detailed designing if required can be done with appropriate charges. Charges are also applicable if the requirements take a longer time to finalize. But for instant and genuine requirements we reserve the right to forego any charges.

Our work is executed following international standards and specifications. As such cost and price are relatively unanswerable. We do have an economical product range manufactured without compromising on the quality of design. Please excuse us for any substandard / crude work. Our prices are commensurate with the quality of work and design & expertise.

Of Course we do it. In some cases civil assistance is required. Some of our products require only dispatch and fittings are not required.Depends case to case.

We take and check the measurements.Site in charge to be present with us to countersign the measurements and quantities.

We respect your ideas and accept changes if they are minor and feel that they will add beauty to your product.It also depends which stage of manufacturing they have to be executed.But large scale changes and deferring our standards and specifications will not be accepted.We reserve all rights in this regard.

Yes sure, we do respect Architects / Designers thoughts. The designs apart from our catalog require full detailing in distances between elements and to scale. But our experience and expertise is put to work if the designs are trusted with us in totality.

YES , We take pleasure in working in all parts of the country. But mainly large prestigious luxury projects are executed after working out the logistics of quantity and distance.

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