Wrought Iron Days Are Here Again..! The Wrought Iron World

Wrought Iron Days Are Here Again..!

The Wrought Iron World is a leading Wrought Iron and general fabrication company in Pune.

The Wrought Iron World is the home to India’s best wrought iron manufacturing facility. We have a large selection of our gates & railings on display which are manufactured using a variety of different methods to give you a real feel for the quality of our work along with how the application might work for you. With wrought iron gates and door catalogues it makes choosing your ironwork even easier.

Wrought Iron Possibilities

Our fully inhouse metal process and fabrication services enable us to offer a complete metal solution from raw material to a finished product to meet your specific requirement

Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought Iron Railing

Wrought Iron Railing

Wrought Iron Grills

Wrought Iron Grills

It's our pleasure to deliver the exact product you have imagined.....

Contact us for your specific requirements

Discover Wrought Iron Furniture in Pune

Embrace the allure of handcrafted elegance with wrought iron furniture from The Wrought Iron World, Pune’s premier destination for enduring style and lasting quality.

Step into a World of Forged Magic:

  • Unleash your inner architect: From intricate balcony railings to captivating garden gates, our bespoke creations add character and charm to any space.
  • Indulge in timeless comfort: Sink into the inviting embrace of hand-forged chairs, crafted for generations of family gatherings and laughter-filled evenings.
  • Dine under the stars: Create a magical outdoor haven with our exquisite dining sets, built to withstand Pune’s vibrant sunshine and monsoon downpours.
  • Modern meets medieval: Discover our contemporary collection, where clean lines and minimalist silhouettes redefine wrought iron for the modern home.


Discuss your unique needs and preferences with our passionate team

The design & quality of Wrought Iron World is too good. The material used is too heavy. I have constructed safety gate for my flat in Pune 10 years back. Hence, again called them to constructed 4 safety doors for my bungalow situated in Kolhapur. Several safety doors vendors are available in Kolhapur. But seeing their quality, I decided again to design doors for my bungalow. Before you construct your safety doors, I positively recommend you to see their designs. It was a wonderful experience in dealing with Wrought Iron World.
Samit DuttaSamit Dutta
16:00 29 Nov 21
It was excellent service and installation done for the iron door. Mr Deshpande provided proper inputs to make the design more beautiful and working. It was overall a great experience !! Thanks a lot
15:11 01 Nov 21
I have ordered the safety door after going through all google reviews of Wrought iron. Undoubtedly, the material is too good and heavy. Above all, Nitin Sir and his staff is the best who takes care of design, quality, fitting everything.Please go for it without giving a second thought if you really want your home look like your own.
Nitin DeshpandeNitin Deshpande
12:23 22 Sep 21
Jitendra MhalgiJitendra Mhalgi
14:10 21 Jul 21
It was a nice experience right from initial discussions with Mr. Deshpande to delivery and installation of the door by his team.Product design, build quality, painting is excellent. And now after 8 months I can definitely say that the operation is also flawless.Looking forward for more products from them.
Sylvia BrakoSylvia Brako
11:26 22 Jun 21
We ordered an iron door from this place and I have to say that the quality is fantastic. Right from inspection to service, time frame, delivery and fitting, everything was perfect. Highly recommend for all sorts of iron works.
Vinita GeraVinita Gera
11:31 17 Apr 21
Great designs, quality and a very seamless planning and delivery process. I got custom made fittings for all my terrace and outdoor areas.
06:00 14 Nov 20
we installed this uniquely pivoted entrance safety door with no hinges on door frame way back in 2005. it is safe , sturdy,well crafted and finished in bronze powder coating and German locks with uncuttable S.S. cylinders.It is envy of our visitors😆strongly recommend.

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